What is an Extravagant Elopement?

DC Elopement Wedding

Extravagant Elopements—a new concept that we believe is long overdue.

Weddings are magnificent affairs. And if your heart is set on a traditional wedding, then by all means, you should have one! An Extravagant Elopement, on the other hand, is simply a wonderful alternative for couples who wish to replace the stress and (often unexpected) expense of a traditional wedding with an intimate experience focused solely on them. And we think that idea rocks!

We also love that an Extravagant Elopement isn’t a trip to the local courthouse or a spur-of-the-moment dash to a Las Vegas wedding chapel. Instead, it is a pre-planned experience that includes a private venue for you to say your I-do’s, a legally binding ceremony, a kick-ass photo shoot, and a deliberate indulgence in the aspects of a wedding that you’ve always dreamed of: The gown, The rings, The flowers, The setting (because you probably haven’t fantasized about the catering or the linens.)

We also love that couples can indulge a beautiful and romantic wedding experience on an economical spending limit. In short, an Extravagant Elopement maximizes the quality of your wedding while minimizing the costs and planning-related stress.

We’ve compiled more information and a list of FAQs on our website, so you can make an informed choice and decide if an Extravagant Elopement is right for you. But whatever type of wedding you choose to have; we congratulate you on your engagement and wish you the best in your new lives ahead!

Photo Credit: Vness Photography


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