A Wedding Costs HOW MUCH????

a debt free wedding

Couples spend an average of $30,000 on their wedding.

Anyone that is thinking about getting married knows all about sticker shock. It seems that anything associated with the word “wedding” immediately hikes up the price.

The Reception

One of the biggest costs of a traditional wedding is the wedding reception.The venue and food alone account for 60% of the average couple’s expenses (that’s a whopping $18,000).


We all know that memories can not be recreated. While wedding photography is certainly not the biggest cost in the wedding, documenting your special day will still set you back about $3,000-$5,000.


If nothing short of a magazine-worthy look will do, you could easily spend another $2 – $5K or more on centerpieces, ceremony decor, bouquets and rose petals.

But don’t despair. There is no reason to spend $30K on a wedding that lasts only a few hours. Extravagant Elopements can help. It’s called a Pop Up Wedding and it comes complete with:

  • An expertly-styled private venue with elegant decor,
  • A legal wedding ceremony,
  • Professional photography to document your special day,
  • All of your edited images on a CD with reprint permission,
  • Flowers,
  • Cake and Champagne,
  • Invite up to 10 witnesses

Our exclusive deals with area venues and vendors allow us to do all of this for just a fraction of the cost of a full-blown wedding!

We offer Custom Pop Up Weddings (starting at $2,000) and Pop Up Wedding Events like our upcoming New Year’s Eve Pop Up Wedding Event.

So if you want to save your money for something bigger, but still want a special and beautiful way to say “I do” get in touch with us!


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