Why Everyone Should Elope

We just had to share this blog post by Retired by 40 author “Why Should Everyone Elope?” The author, Gretchen, eloped several years ago and she makes some valid points about why eloping is the money-savvy way to wed. Did we also mention that she is on a mission to pay off $100k in debt? Check out what she has to say on eloping vs. planning a traditional wedding:


It saves money

The first and obvious reason would be that eloping can save you bundles of money! With the average American wedding costing over $30,000, money-savvy couples are choosing to save that money for more long-term uses such as a new home or paying off college debt.

It keeps the day stress-free

Planning a traditional wedding is stressful and time consuming! Forty percent (40%) of couples spend an average of 10-15 hrs/week planning their weddings! It all starts with the pressure on the guy to propose in a creative and memorable way. Then the wedding planning itself—with thousands of little details that the couple is not only expected to prepare, but make perfect for all of the guests.  And more times than not, it all leads to more emphasis being placed on what others think and want, instead of what the bride and groom thinks and wants.

It makes your marriage better 

We are in a culture focused on social media standing. We live to post awesome pictures on our facebook and instagram accounts and watch the “likes” and comments add up.  Are we truly wanting to share our joy with others, or are we just trying to impress people we don’t actually know? An elopement allows the couple the time and space to take the emphasis off the photos, the bridesmaids dresses, the cake; and instead put it on each other. Stopping the madness allows you to focus on preparing your hearts and minds for marriage, so that when you are married, you can work as a team.

So if you’d rather not spend thousands upon thousands on one day, and instead invest in a forever home or a future together, an Extravagant Elopement might be just the thing for you. It gives you the luxury of still having some of the thrills and frills of a full-blown wedding (professional photography, a beautiful setting, cake, champagne toast, décor, etc…). But at a fraction (approx. 8%) of the cost of a traditional wedding.

In conclusion, step away from the madness! Stop complaining about how stressful wedding planning is and start thinking about things that really matter in the long run: how you will split chores, who will pay the bills and how you want to raise your kids!

…..just elope 🙂

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