Extravagant Elopements Announces Upcoming Steampunk Pop Up Wedding Event

Extravagant Elopements today announced an upcoming Steampunk-themed pop up wedding to be held in Adelphi, MD on November 9, 2014.  The pop up wedding will be a legal ceremony performed by a civil celebrant in an expertly styled, private venue and will serve as a union of several couples in one day.  The theme of the event will be Steampunk, and will include professional photography, flowers, cake and a champagne toast.

Steampunk style  simply put, is Victorian Science Fiction.  Steampunk themed events feature steam-powered machinery with a setting inspired by industrialized Western civilization during the 1800s. “Loosely speaking, ‘steampunk’ refers to a mash-up of 19th-century ephemera and science fiction, underpinned by 21st-century liberal values, to create a ‘retro-futurist vision of Victorian England’. It straddles music, visual art, couture, performance, comedy, pseudo- science, and especially fiction.” states Jake Wallis Simons in a recent article published on the website,  independent.co.uk.  Steampunk is its own movement with conventions and events around the movement popping up all over the United States and Europe.

Extravagant Elopements provides elegant and trendy pop up weddings for couples throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.  “A pop-up wedding is just a fancy elopement. No different than a normal wedding in that two people have fallen in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Big difference in guest list, stress level and cost. It ‘pops up’ at different times of the year, in different places, with different themes and gives two people the opportunity to marry without having to put on a full-fledged wedding”  states Merlyn Perez, wedding planner, event stylist  and founder of Extravagant Elopements.

Small intimate weddings have become the new “white weddings”.  Even celebrities are choosing these small intimate ceremonies over a full-out wedding.  Just this past week, Hollywood favorites Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were wed in an intimate ceremony with just 20 guests and their five children. Pop up weddings are the perfect option for couples looking for small, intimate weddings with all of the style and extras of full-on pricier events.

The pop up wedding concept was born out of the desire to present engaged couples with a fun and creative option to tie the knot. Up until now, couples that wanted to be married had two general options—a) put on a full-fledged wedding; or b) be married by a courthouse judge in an unappealing environment. With the cost of a traditional wedding averaging $30k, pop up weddings are quickly becoming an alternative way to tie the knot and save a considerable amount of cash that can be allocated to more long term uses such as purchasing a home. The uniqueness and trendiness of pop-up weddings will make them an attractive alternative to young, savvy couples.
Full Details for the upcoming Steampunk themed pop up wedding can be found at http://goo.gl/G0L5vc.

For more information about this and other events by Extravagant Elopements, visit the website at http://www.extravagantelopements.com/ or contact Extravagant Elopements at info@extravagantelopements.com .