A Serendipitous Bookstore Eleopement

When this eccentric couple was asked to share their most important lessons learned from their wedding planning experience here is what they said:
“I’ve witnesses a lot of my newly-engaged friends insist that they’re going to elope, and then they end up with a gigantic, expensive wedding they never really wanted because they got pushed into it by family members. Both of our families were incredibly supportive of our decision to elope, which allowed us the freedom to do it all our own way. So I suppose the lesson we learned from all of this was that yes, we could get married the way we wanted.”
How beautiful! It’s so important to have the type of wedding YOU want. Whether it’s small and intimate, a little quirky or a grand ball. The support of family and friends really does help, but ultimaely it should reflect the couple’s love story and how they relate to each other.
eccentric coupleeccentric couple3  eccentric couple1 eccentric couple
Catch the rest of this couples’ funky photos at Offbeat Bride
Photo by Adam Balfour and Jeremy Matthews of the Hallmark School of Photography.

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