Elaborate Weddings Minus the Guest List

Repost from NY Times:
Eloping Does Not Mean What It Once Did!
IT was minutes before the wedding, and the planner left nothing to chance. The reception hall, a plank-floored farmhouse in the Santa Barbara, Calif., wine country, had been decorated in peonies. The dinner menu, rendered in calligraphy, promised wild mushroom tortellini and halibut with verjus. In a field outside, a photographer and videographer stood at the ready, near a ceremonial canopy draped in velvet and the aisle strewn with guinea feathers.
The only thing missing were guests. But that’s exactly what Carey and Brian Provost had planned.
“I wanted the dress, the vows, the flowers and the pictures,” said Ms. Provost, 36, who took the unconventional step of turning the couple’s elopement into a blowout. “But when you have guests, we felt like it ends up being more for them, not for the bride and groom. We wanted it to be for us.”

extravagant elopements

Photo Credit: NY Times


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