No Rules For Pop-Ups

Re-post from San Diego Reader:
I stand on Kettner Boulevard experiencing a tinge of regret that I’m already married.
Not because my eyes feast on some hunk of fine-ass man but because I’m witnessing the wedding I kinda wish I’d had. I love every detail, from the green vintage Sportsman van decked out with red-and-white gingham curtains and fancy window soap designs that read “Let’s Runaway” to the belini bar and chalkboard menu announcing grilled-cheese sandwiches and short-rib sliders. The whole thing has that hippie-chic handcrafted vibe that photographs so well for Instagram. It’s so…today.
Don’t get me wrong — my wedding at the Prado was beautiful. But this? This is cool and unusual. Cool because it’s unusual, and unlike the Prado, which sees 100-plus marriage ceremonies per year, the Runaway Pop-Up Wedding is available for only five couples and will never be done exactly this way again. Hence, the term pop-up.
pop up wedding



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